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We are still offering all of our other training programs.

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Over 500 videos 

Would you like to better understand your lessons with your trainer? Is terminology confusing?  Not sure why your dog is doing what he is doing? We have tons of videos to help you with your struggles.

All Breeds Both Large and Small

Herding School works with all breeds from the very large GSD, Belgian breeds, Bouviers, Rough Collies to the very small herding breeds such as Cardigans, Pemis, Shelties, Pulis and many more.

Multiple Venues


Sheep, Ducks & Cattle 

Just starting herding?

If you are just starting herding let us help you.  We have videos showing you the fundamentals of herding from why your dog wants to herd to your first time in the round pen.


Ready to Trial?

No matter what venue you want to trial in we can help you master your goals.  Herding school has helped multiple handlers achieve HXA and Herding Championships over the years



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