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  We have courses for the very beginner to the advanced handler looking for the winning edge



When you purchase our Ultimate Course HANDLERS' MEETING you will get a full blue print on everything you need to be the best handler you can.  The A-Z from starting your dog to your Herding Championship, so no matter what your level is you can bet you'll find success with this course

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Critical Core

This program is for the newer handler or the handler that wants a refresher course.

Furthering Foundation

Once you have finished the Critical Core program jump into furthering your foundation.  If you already have a great start on your dog this is the program for you


AKC Course

All about the AKC Course "A" from HT to the advanced class.   Get the winning edge with this course

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Herding school is not trying to replace your trainer

We are here to help you better understand your lessons.  Lessons are expensive, most are repeated because you didn't get it the first time.  That is where Herding School can help.  Watching our videos will help you better understand what your trainer is trying to tell you.  You can see examples that will give you a better idea of the end picture.