Meet the Trainers

Our three expert trainers:

Molly Wisecarver, Mary Wisecarver and Mandy Pilgrim

have had a combined 60 plus years of experience training herding dogs. 

Molly Wisecarver

Molly started herding in 1989 after purchasing her first Aussie. Since then Molly has racked up an impressive list of accomplishments with various breeds and venues. In AKC, Molly has put over 20 herding championships on dogs of her own and for others including over 10 Dual Champions, not to mention the hundreds of titles in all levels. She is also a 5 time USBCHA finalist qualifier and 4 time ASCA Nationals Finalist. Molly is the main trainer at Herding School and is the trainer in most of our videos. 

Mary Wisecarver

Mary is Mollys daughter and has been herding and training dogs since she just a wee little one. Since then she has grown into a very successful trainer, competitor and judge. She has competed in ASCA for over 20 years including 4 time ASCA Nationals Finalist and number one open working junior for 10 years running. In AKC, Mary has put multiple herding championships, excellent titles and more including the title of herding judge. She has also competed in USBCHA and AHBA. Mary is our secondary trainer and helps with videos and engagement. 

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